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North Carolina men arrested for drug possession

Drug addiction and its consequences are touching more families than ever with tragedy and heartache. In cities all across North Carolina, law enforcement is seeing a decline in methamphetamines and an increase in heroin. While drug addiction is not a crime, many actions that relate to drug use are criminal offenses. This may result in penalties that do little to get to the root of the problem.

North Carolina man faces drug possession charges after traffic st

The search of one's vehicle during a routine traffic stop can only be made under very specific conditions. While some of those conditions follow specific rules, such as the execution of a search warrant, others may be up to the police officer's subjective choice. Some North Carolina officers may take advantage of a driver's unfamiliarity with the law and search a vehicle without probable cause.

2 face drug possession charges after police chase

Law enforcement officers understand too well the supply chain in the illegal drug trade. While those higher up in the chain may face harsher penalties, even lesser crimes like drug possession can disrupt a person's life and eliminate many opportunities, such as obtaining jobs and funding one's education. Two men in North Carolina are right to have concerns about their futures following their recent arrests.

North Carolina trio faces drug possession and other charges

Sometimes, a person can end up in trouble simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately, friends and associations may draw the attention of law enforcement, and those who are in the vicinity may find themselves facing criminal charges. Two North Carolina women may be regretting their recent visit to the home of a man who was the target of an ongoing police investigation.

North Carolina couple charged with numerous crimes

Criminal charges can arise from many situations. In some cases, they may result from the alleged wrong-doing of a friend or acquaintance. One North Carolina woman is facing drug possession charges after her boyfriend, who was accused of numerous offenses, apparently drew police to her house.

NFL player charged with drug possession

Convictions for possession of illegal substances can carry serious, long-term consequences. Employers often take seriously the criminal records of candidates, and a drug possession charge, even for a small amount of marijuana, has the potential to jeopardize many future opportunities. While the National Football League continues to consider the inclusion of marijuana on its list of banned substances, for now, its possession is a crime in North Carolina.

North Carolina nurse arrested for drug possession

Drug charges often carry serious penalties for those convicted. Depending on the circumstances, someone arrested and charged with drug possession may face fines and prison if a North Carolina court finds him or her guilty. Moreover, certain professions consider drug crimes serious enough to place one's employment in jeopardy, especially if the accused is a licensed professional in the health care industry.

Summer roadtrip to North Carolina beach leads to arrest

Road trips are a right of passage for many teenagers. School is out for the summer, and the beach beckons to them. Along with the sun and surf, there are also the parties and socializing that are a part of the enticement. However, in preparing for and then participating in such an adventure, the teenagers will want to be sure to adhere to North Carolina laws regarding teenage drinking and drug possession.

North Carolina parolee facing new drug charges

On the occasion that they have the opportunity to spend time at home, many individuals can be found tinkering around the house or curled up watching a show on television. The home typically offers one the privacy to do as he or she pleases. However, if such an individual is on parole in North Carolina, this may not always be the case.

North Carolina couple arrested following traffic stop

Flashing lights are often an indicator that there is a problem. When they are ahead of a driver, it is a warning to watch out and possibly move over. However, when these flashing lights are in the rearview mirror, it is often a warning to pull over so that a North Carolina police officer can address something with the driver.

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