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North Carolina couple charged with numerous crimes

Criminal charges can arise from many situations. In some cases, they may result from the alleged wrong-doing of a friend or acquaintance. One North Carolina woman is facing drug possession charges after her boyfriend, who was accused of numerous offenses, apparently drew police to her house.

The incident began when a gas station attendant called police after a driver apparently left the scene without paying for gas. The attendant apparently gave the police dispatcher a detailed description of the vehicle and the driver. On their way to the scene, officers passed a vehicle matching the description given by the attendant. A brief chase ensued before police lost sight of the car. They established a perimeter and began a methodical search of the area.

Before long, officers located a vehicle matching the description of the car at the gas station. The car was parked in a carport of a house owned by a woman who claimed she did not know anyone matching the description of the alleged gas thief. However, when a K-9 dog was brought to the house, the dog alerted officers to human scent in the clothes dryer in the basement, and officers say they discovered the suspect hiding inside.

The 23-year-old man told police he knew nothing about the car, the stolen gas or the police chase, and that he was hiding in the dryer because of outstanding warrants. Nevertheless, police charged him with felony flight to elude arrest, possession of a stolen car, larceny of gas and numerous other violations. Meanwhile, police conducted a search of the home, which they called a safety sweep, during which they allegedly found drugs and drug paraphernalia. The owner of the house was charged with felony possession of these substances as well as harboring a fugitive.

North Carolina residents may question whether the search that yielded the drugs was valid. Additionally, a defense attorney may question other evidence police say they have implicating either of the accused. Those in similar circumstances facing drug possession charges or other crimes may find that a strong defense strategy may improve their chances of a more positive outcome.

Source:, "Man leads police on chase, sniffed out in dryer by K-9", Jonelle Bobak, Oct. 11, 2017

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