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Underage Drinking Charges Archives

Parents giving kids alcohol may lead to underage drinking charges

Apparently, the problems involving youths and alcohol are not restricted to North Carolina. In fact, U.S. researchers are looking closely at a recent international study about the consequences of parents offering alcohol to their teens. While many parents may feel they are doing a good thing by providing a safe place for their children to drink, the research does not agree with this well-meaning philosophy.

North Carolina underage drinking charges follow fatal crash

Minors consuming alcohol is a problem across the country. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people under the age of 21 are responsible for consuming 11 percent of all alcohol, and 90 percent of the time, they binge drink. While 10 percent of those who hold valid drivers licenses are legally under the drinking age, 14 percent of all fatal accidents in North Carolina result from underage DUIs. A recent accident has led to underage drinking charges for a young man; however, those may be only the beginning of his troubles.

North Carolina has zero tolerance for underage drinking

Alcohol has different attractions for different people. For many teens, however, there is often a sense of rebellion or the need to fit in with other teens who are drinking. As a person nears 21, the legal age to drink in North Carolina and other states, he or she may feel that 19 or 20 is close enough to get away with consuming alcohol. However, the state's zero tolerance laws may prove that to be a bad decision.

North Carolina battles underage drinking

For several years, local TV viewers may have noticed a series of public service announcements aimed at youths. The goal of the ads was to reduce underage drinking by making teenagers aware of the potential dangers. Some described the commercials as morbid, using fear to alarm teens and jar them into avoiding alcohol until they turned 21. However, the director for the North Carolina Alcohol Board Control Commission's Initiative to Reduce Underage Drinking recently unveiled new commercials aimed at a different audience.

Do beer sales at North Carolina colleges spur underage drinking?

The new college semester is in full swing at many institutions across the country. Fall semester also means the start of football season, and fans of college football may have waited through a long summer to once again enjoy their favorite sport. Now, many university campuses, included several in North Carolina, are allowing the sale of beer at football games, taking advantage of the nation's penchant for combining alcohol and sports to raise a little extra money. However, some argue that beer sales at college stadiums encourage underage drinking.

Man faces underage drinking charges after fatal accident

A conviction for drunk driving charges can bring consequences that affect many aspects of a person's life. North Carolina DWI laws have been tightened over the past few years, lowering the number of offenses before one is charged with a felony and raising the severity of penalties for convictions. However, underage drinking charges have always been met with zero tolerance, and combining a charge of this nature with other offenses may create a serious situation for a young driver.

Spring in North Carolina the season for underage drinking

It's that time of year. Proms are being held, dances are being attended and students across North Carolina are enjoying spring activities. For many students, this season of activity is a whirlwind of fun and friendship. However, for some, it can also be a season of tragedy for those who fall victim to the consequences of underage drinking.

Why college students need to take underage consumption charges seriously

At this time of the year, there's no question that the pressure is on for college students. That's because we're rapidly approaching the end of the semester, meaning reading has to be completed and papers drafted. This is not to mention, of course, studying for final exams.

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