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North Carolina law enforcement charge 4 with drug trafficking

Home is typically the place where one can eat, sleep and relax. This can generally be done without the fear of someone barging in and disrupting the environment. Occasionally, a salesperson may knock on the door or a telemarketer may call; however, these individuals can easily be dismissed. The idea of North Carolina police barging in searching for drugs brings to mind a scene from an evening police drama on television.

North Carolina mom faces drunk driving charge

On Sunday evenings, most moms are home getting their family ready for the week ahead. Every once in a while, though, a mom gets the opportunity to go out for a little while. When this happens, and a mom is able to socialize with friends at one of their favorite spots in North Carolina, it is still a good idea to have a designated driver. After one begins to drink, it can be difficult to determine if one is legally able to drive home or if one is risking a drunk driving charge – or worse.

North Carolina man faces robbery and weapons charges

Sometimes, one thing leads to another and the outcome is not always what is expected. One questionable action or decision gives way to another, and suddenly the individual ends up face to face with North Carolina law enforcement. The outcome of such an encounter generally depends upon the events, circumstances, perceived involvement of the individual in possible criminal activity and if there is a possible weapons offense.

Why college students need to take underage consumption charges seriously

At this time of the year, there's no question that the pressure is on for college students. That's because we're rapidly approaching the end of the semester, meaning reading has to be completed and papers drafted. This is not to mention, of course, studying for final exams.

Could expungement change your life for the better?

Though getting arrested and having charges filed against you does not necessarily mean you will face a conviction, the charges themselves could still remain on your record. You may feel as if these charges have haunted you for years, as marks with any relation to criminal activity could affect various areas of your life. If you miss out on a job, place of residence or any other type of opportunity due to an arrest or conviction, you may wonder whether you could ever get out from under the indiscretion.

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