Albert Messer and his staff helped me through what was the hardest, most stressful, and trying period of my life. There are few things scarier than facing serious criminal charges, but after my first phone call with Mr. Messer I immediately felt calmer, reassured, and even optimistic about my situation. He was at all times courteous, professional, and understanding, and he never stopped fighting to get me the best possible outcome - even though I didn't always make it easy for him. While my first two felony drug charges were still pending, I received three additional felony drug charges, a misdemeanor possession charge, and multiple traffic citations, including driving on a revoked license (twice). Even with all of that Mr. Messer was able to get me unsupervised probation for a year, with an agreement that if I completed an outpatient treatment program and received no other charges during that time, that EVERYTHING would be dismissed and my record could be expunged. I complied, and on January 18th, 2018 all of my charges were dismissed. Needless to say, I was elated!!

I am so grateful for all the hard work that Mr. Messer and his staff did for me. They went above and beyond my expectations and I couldn't be happier with the results. Going to court is a scary experience, and you do not want to do it alone. With Mr. Messer on my side I felt protected. Not only did he have the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully navigate the North Carolina judicial system, but he also always had my best interest at heart. That was a great comfort to me during a time when I really needed it.

If you need assistance with a legal matter of any kind, call Albert Messer right away. He will not let you down

Thank you to Mr. Messer and all of his staff,


On my 60th birthday, I was arrested for DUI by a National Park Service Ranger in retaliation for "not respecting his authority". I hired Albert Messer to represent me, and I am extremely glad that I did. After questioning the ranger under oath, Mr. Messer produced the dash cam video and pointed out no less than six instances where the officer perjured himself. He then successfully defeated an attempt by the Federal prosecutor to suppress the results of a blood alcohol test that exonerated me. I had never been in trouble before in my life, and I was shocked to see how our legal system really works. If you want justice, you better have a good lawyer. And if you need a good lawyer in western North Carolina, Albert Messer is the one you want.

I am a single mother, and my 16 year old son caused a motor vehicle accident after consuming alcohol. Charged with multiple offenses, my son risked losing his license, which would have been a great hardship for both of us. I called lawyers I knew, and wasn't pleased with their responses. A psychologist friend referred me to Al Messer's office, and from the first call, I knew we found trusted representation. Mr. Messer called me that evening, with compassion, reason and fairness (very lacking from the justice system.) Months later we went to court, received a prayer for judgment, and all other charges were dismissed.

The main feeling I am left with over this ordeal is gratitude. During the months leading up to our court date, I knew we were in good hands and did not have to worry. We received priceless legal counsel, but more importantly, my son got to experience a valuable life lesson regarding legal responsibility. He stood beside Mr. Messer before the judge, knowing he may have to pay a great price, and for the first time in his life, witnessed a respectable man standing up for him.

Words cannot express our gratitude for the Messer Law Firm and how they supported our family, and especially our son through the worst year of our lives. Our 18-year old son was charged with some serious drug crimes. We are not NC residents. Through their expertise and reputation, Al was able to negotiate a plea bargain to get two charges dropped and by the time the sentencing hearing occurred, 12 months later, our son was released for time-served. They always gave us the facts with the best and worst case scenarios. They are also very caring. We had hours to wait to pick up our son after court. They went above and beyond by allowing us some space in their office so that we could get some work done. We highly recommend Al Messer for his professionalism, dedication, and expertise in the NC legal system

Al Messer and his staff were extremely profes sional, understanding and went beyond my expectations. He expedited events without taking up my time or taking me away from work. I was very impressed with how well he handled himself in court and how knowledgable he was of State and Federal Laws relating to my situation. Even the Federal Judge complimented me on my choice of attorneys with Al Messer. I enjoyed how he was able to get directly to the issues at hand and deal with them circumventing any additional dealings with the US Attorneys. I would recommend Al Messer to anyone in the state of North Carolina.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Al Messer and the Messer Law Firm for everything they did to ensure our case was dismissed. Mr. Messer and his staff were responsive to our many questions and were quick to return our calls. Every step of the process was explained in great detail and handled professionally. We were very apprehensive and afraid of the judicial system as we had never been through such an ordeal. We would refer anyone to him with issues such as communicating threats, misdemeanor assault, etc. It is good to know that there are lawyers out there that still believe in helping average citizens navigate the judicial system and are willing to provide the best law advice available. Not only was our case dismissed, the record will also be expunged. We cannot thank Mr. Messer and his team enough for the favorable outcome that was achieved.

In 2014 I was charged with Trafficking in Marijuana 50-2000 pounds, Conspiracy to Traffic in Marijuana, Manufacturing Marijuana, Maintaining a dwelling, and possession of paraphernalia stemming from a Grow House Bust in Asheville, NC. When I found out I had a warrant for my arrest, I immediately contacted my family attorney in Florida and asked him to find me the best lawyer in Western North Carolina to represent me. The charges could have gone federal, so my lawyer not only wanted the best lawyer for me, but also wanted one who has experience on the Federal level. He gave me Al Messer's phone number and said to go see him. When I first met with Al, I knew right away he was going to be my representation in the upcoming court proceedings. He immediately drove me downtown to turn myself in and had my bail bondsman waiting for me out front before I even got there. He also got my $5000 bail waived. I was in and out within an hour. During the entire 11 month process, Al is their for me whenever I needed them. I lived in Florida the entire time and Al would get me excused from virtually every court proceeding. Al negotiated with the prosecutors and got all my charges dropped down to one felony count of attempted Trafficking. No 3 year mandatory minimum sentence and no $25,000 fine. At my final court appearance, he pleaded with the Judge not to give me the 15-25 month in the NCDOC. He told me all the right things to say to the judge and thankfully I got my sentence suspended and put on 2 years probation, transferrable back to my home state of Florida. Al saved my life! I have a 4 year old daughter and wife of 10 years that cant be without me for a weekend, no less 3 years in State prison. They also rely on me financially to pay the bills and put food on the table. I really feel that if I used another lawyer, I would have done time. This man knows everyone in the justice system. He was a former prosecutor years ago and has 20 plus years experience dealing with these type of cases.

Al also saved my financial future. At the time of arrest, The State of North Carolina unauthorized substance tax, taxed me $225,000 for the 98 pounds of marijuana they confiscated from the grow house. He told me right away that we only had 20 days to fight it and that this was a separate matter, a civil matter, separate from the criminal charges. He started working right away on negotiating with the NC Department of Revenue. In the end, Al Messer settled my tax debt. They brought the tax down from $225,000 to $5,000. (that is NOT a typo). To this I owe them my financial future. If that tax debt was not settled, the NC Department of Revenue CAN AND WILL seize all the money in your bank account (even years after you get the bill), take your tax returns, put liens on your property, and much more. Because of Al'shard work in fighting this civil matter, I am now able to continue my life, run a successful business, have money in the bank, cars in my name, etc. etc.

Al handled both my criminal and civil matters for a very minimal cost. Other Lawyers charge up to 5 times what they charged me. Although money was never a concern, because I wanted to best lawyer money could buy. They were the best and just happened to be very reasonably priced. I will never forget as long as I live, what Al did for me, my wife, and my entire family.

If you find yourself being charged with any criminal and/or civil crimes in Western North Carolina, please call Al right now. You will be very happy with the outcome.

April 17, 2015
Testimonial for Al Messer-

Twenty months ago I was arrested for two serious felonies. I was a twenty-three year old professional athlete at the time so it was imperative that I had an effective defense to handle my high profile case. After a short discussion with Al Messer about the events that lead to my arrest, it was clear that he had the skill and experience that my family and I were looking for. Messer immediately started putting together a course of action for my defense. Messer was honest with me throughout the whole process and was effective in getting my charges dropped.

The most important thing about Messer as a lawyer is his ability to navigate through Asheville's muddled legal system. The proficiency and experience required to get things done in Asheville is why Messer is such an effective defense attorney there. Messer's in depth knowledge of the nuances needed to work with the District Attorney's Office prove his capability. Aside from Messer's own proficiency, he put together a defense team for me that included a diligent Legal Assistant, Private Investigator, and Polygraph Examiner. Messer pooled together the appropriate recourses necessary for me to have a favorable outcome in my time of need.

In addition to Messer's aptitude as a litigator, he was able to handle the unique details of my case that arose from me being a professional athlete. Messer appropriately dealt with the press in a manner that was responsible and in a way that my family and I were comfortable with. The fact that I was a professional athlete not only warranted a delicate approach to the media but also added complications with dealing with the District Attorney's office. Messer met these challenges with strength and capability.

The bottom line is Messer got the job done. He effectively navigated through the Asheville legal system and was honest with us about the entire process. The situation I was in is something that no family should ever have to deal with, but I am grat eful that I had Messer on my side.

Thank You Al Messer,

Jesse M.

Former Minor League Pitcher for the Colorado Rockies

My son was arrested and charged with horrible crimes. Al Messer helped us endure 20 months of dread. Al managed a vengeful, irrational and extremely hostile Assistant District Attorney. His investigator Brian Cid reviewed police reports that appeared to be based on inadequate and shoddy investigation. Mr. Cid also interviewed witnesses who contradicted the complainant's report of events. These were witnesses who were not interviewed by the police prior to the arrest.

In spite of some police detectives and an assistant District Attorney being in a reckless drive to make an arrest and press charges, Mr. Messer stood firm. He collected and reviewed the evidence and was able to assure us that this case should never have been brought to court.

On the basis of his considerate, thoughtful and cultivated relationship with the new District Attorney, Mr. Messer was able to have the case reviewed in an unbiased manner. This led to a complete dismissal. We deeply appreciate Al and Brian's professionalism and integrity. We appreciate their availability and compassion in helping us comprehend and cope with this process. Thank you very much. Louis M.

20 months ago my husband and I received our terrified son's call from the Asheville jail. He was 23 years old, a serious professional athlete, new to the Asheville community, there to pitch for the local professional baseball team that is part of this town's community. Our son had had no prior experience with the legal system and was naive to the dangers of being a high profile stranger in Asheville. Our son had been charged with two major felonies. He needed serious help.

For reasons I don't think we will ever completely understand, the legal system rushed to charge and incarcerate our precious son. Although I am a long time Clinical Psychologist here in California, anyone could have understood that he was in crisis, had been severely traumatized, and was in a serious life-threatening situation. I immediately flew to Asheville with our daughter and it was then that we had the good fortune to be introduced to Attorney Al Messer. He returned early from his vacation and met with us immediately on a Saturday.

At that time I observed Al Messer carefully interview our son as to the exact events that had led up to his arrest. Al carefully, methodically, and keenly looked at every little detail of information that our son could provide and I could immediately see that he was putting together the facts of the nature of this unfortunate situation. I could also see that he was beginning to draw a circle of protection, surrounding the wagons so to speak, around our son and our family.

Messer Law firm is housed in a warm and friendly home-like environment, but Al's demeanor is professional, serious, kind and he knows how to stayed focused. His considerable experience showed in his ability to illuminate the criminal situation, and what the legal process could be for us including the possibility of a trial.  Al's long history and experience in the local community truly paid off with his strong reputation and resources.

During these last long 20 months Messer Law Firm was accessible and supportive. This small but mighty team worked relentlessly to protect our son. There were many difficult challenges from dysfunctional parts of the system, slow crime labs, disinterested DAs, and inexperienced/self-serving police. Al worked gracefully with these challenges. He kept us informed and when it was time to take action, Al acted with strength, intelligence and certainty. The bottom line is that our son's case has now been dismissed. And, the expungement process is under way.

Words cannot express the depth of appreciation we have for attorney Al Messer and his capable team. Because of his strong, relentless action, we are a family that has been restored to life. Tears of relief are flowing.

Most Sincerely,
Leslie M., Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

As an attorney, I am well-aware that client communications, timely responses, and frankness about a case are paramount. When I was seeking a lawyer to handle a personal traffic matter, I hired Al Messer. Within 24 hours, his assistant, was obtaining all necessary information, explaining the key process steps, and ensuring that her firm and I had a meeting of the minds regarding reasonable expectations. The next day, I got a call from Mr. Messer who explained his goals for a resolution of my matter. Consequently, my matter was handled promptly, efficiently, and much to my satisfaction. I highly recommend Mr. Messer not only for defense of major crimes, but also minor matters. He brings to the table the same skill set, client respect, and efforts, regardless, because he knows YOUR matter is the only one that matters to you.

Jay Kerr, Asheville Civil Law Attorney

Messer Law Firm is extremely professional, and streamlined one of the most important obstacles in my life. You are truly blessed! I would recommend anyone to Al. Their professionalism and knowledge of the system is amazing. Thanks again. What a relief to have this over for now. Many sleepless nights, and I actually got some real rest last night.


Thanks for all that you did to help facilitate this outcome. You were professional, optimistic, realistic, and patient. I could not have asked for better representation. I would recommend your firm unequivocally for DWI representation. Bryan

Mr. Messer and his staff were informed, responsive, pleasant, and totally committed to the defense of their client. Al Messer was familiar with the courts, the judges, the prosecutors, and the current state of the law. If I ever am charged with murder in Asheville, Al Messer will be my man.

I recently had the unfortunate experience of receiving a DUI in Buncombe county. I placed a call to a Lawyer friend of mine to see who he might recommend as the best attorney to fight my case, and to make sure I had a case to fight. My friend gave me the names of two attorneys in town that he said he would use if he were in my place. I interviewed both and while I was impressed by both, I chose Al Messer of the Messer Law firm. I am really glad I made that choice.

Al was professional and caring during the entire "ordeal" and had a very calming influence on me (if that was possible) before, during and after the trial! Said we had a good case and not to worry! (right Al??)

My case went to a Jury and WE WON thanks to Al's excellent skills as a defense attorney. Thank you Al for all of your hard work!


An April day, very much like any other day in early spring, I found myself trying to help a friend. You see, my close friend had just spent 6 months in Afghanistan for the Air Force and was feeling behind on his maintenance of his properties. In an attempt to help him take care of some of his piled up work, I inadvertently caught an old storage building on fire. Almost a week later, was charged with Felony by the Jackson County District Attorney's Office.

I couldn't believe it, now I was being drug into the sausage mill known as the Justice system. I called a friend that is a Real Estate Attorney and asked him if I should be concerned. He exclaimed, "YES!" He recommended Mr. Messer.

I called Mr. Messer and he explained what I was being charged with and what could happen. I was paralyzed. I am 50 yrs old Sunday School Teacher, local Business Advisor, and all around good guy that has never had an issue with any branch of the Authorities. Mr. Messer and his staff worked with me, explaining every step of the way. They keep me focused on what was important, and guided me through the maze of litigation. After months of negotiations between Mr. Messer and the DA office, my charges were dropped. He accomplished exactly what he said he would. He never over promises, but he did deliver. Thank you Mr. Messer for everything you did for me and my family.

I wish to describe my experience with Messer Law Firm. I had no previous experience with the legal system and found myself in a situation where I felt I needed some good representation. I found the number in the yellow pages and requested a free phone consult. I had made appointments with other attorneys also, but Mr. Messer was the first attorney I could actually speak within a short time frame. My first impression was a good one as his assistant, who set up the phone consult was professional and helpful. When I spoke with Mr. Messer he came across as someone who knows the law; and that made feel confident that he would do his very best for me. He was honest, straight forward and to the point. After my phone consult, I retained Mr. Messer's services and cancelled the appointments with other attorneys. I am happy with the outcome and feel that Mr. Messer was worth every penny! I highly recommend Messer Law Firm.


Diane C.

Al Messer was my sons attorney for close to 5 years. My son at first began with small criminal charges, and then he escalated to very series. I cannot tell in few words what I as a mother went through, and some of you reading this will know exactly what I experienced.

My son started with small drug addiction, and small charges of theft. Later that fallowed probation, and more treble as his addiction became severer, and that had led to series criminal charges. Thru it all Al Messer had done everything possible, and saved my son from jail many times, even when it seemed that he will not avoid going there, Al miraculously saved him!

Even now when my son is serving a sentence, Mr. Messer, I believe had done more then I had expected.

And if I can express any regret is that I sued off listen to Al's advice from the first time he started working with my son, He had seen a lot of cases and truly his advice is priceless.

Mr. Messer is excellent attorney , and very busy , so he will not answer your call just when you want him too, many times before I got to know him I thought he's not giving me adequate time, and at the end it turned out he had been working on my sons case all the time, negotiating, researching, he was doing things we don't see or understand till we go to court.

His office staff is compassioned, and very helpful; many times I had been comforted there, when my emotions just couldn't be controlled.

My son and I are so grateful to have found an attorney like Al Messer, honest, experienced, gives honest advice and listens, if not for him my son would be in jail for many years... maybe if I have listen to Al's advice he wouldn't be in jail at all.

I know there is a lot of parents going thru similar situations, as I have, and it isn't easy to face criminal charges , it's hard to find someone that has knowledge , awards for his accomplishments , and presence you can trust! I and my son highly recommend AL.

Thank You AL

Maria, J.D

Al, thanks again for handling my DWI case. Having never been in a situation of needing a lawyer, you made the process smooth and bearable as it could be.

You were professional, knowledgeable, clear and concise with our objectives and this is why I hired you to represent me.

Thanks again for getting my DWI overturned.

Greg A.

I am currently retiring to the TN area of Dandridge on Lake Douglas after 33 years in the United States Navy. You were recommended by my brother and sister in law, Michael and Susan Sorrels of Waynesville NC. I want to thank you tremendously for your support and legal council that you provided me regarding my traffic violation I received on I-40. You and your office staff cleared me of this violation with very minimal work on my end and my wife and I truly appreciate that since I live in Virginia at this time. Thank you so very much and will highly recommend you to anyone that is seeking legal support in NC.

CDR Vince Bradeen

Messer Law Firm has been absolutely amazing to work with from start to finish. This was simply the best service I have ever experienced.

Thank you!!


I hired Al Messer this past winter to represent me in court for a felony marijuana possession charge. When I met him, he seemed confident, grounded, well versed, and experienced with such cases. He assured me from the start that he could handle my case, and gave me peace of mind over the next couple months leading up to the trial date. He then proceeded to get my charges lowered to a misdemeanor with no time served. Al Messer is an incredible lawyer! I was quite nervous going in and Al gave me the best possible outcome. He exceeded all of my expectations. He is hard working and dependable, and putting him in charge was the best decision I believe I could have made. On behalf of myself, and my wife, we thank him for everything.  It is a comfort to know that there is a lawyer like Al Messer available to serve when called.

Thank You Again!