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Parents giving kids alcohol may lead to underage drinking charges

Apparently, the problems involving youths and alcohol are not restricted to North Carolina. In fact, U.S. researchers are looking closely at a recent international study about the consequences of parents offering alcohol to their teens. While many parents may feel they are doing a good thing by providing a safe place for their children to drink, the research does not agree with this well-meaning philosophy.

North Carolina man faces drug possession charges after traffic st

The search of one's vehicle during a routine traffic stop can only be made under very specific conditions. While some of those conditions follow specific rules, such as the execution of a search warrant, others may be up to the police officer's subjective choice. Some North Carolina officers may take advantage of a driver's unfamiliarity with the law and search a vehicle without probable cause.

Drunk driving charges filed after man drives car into house

Underage drinking laws exist because, in most cases, young people may not realize how alcohol affects them. For some who have only been driving legally for a few years, alcohol adds an element of danger they are not ready to handle. One young man in North Carolina has learned this lesson through tragedy and now faces drunk driving charges.

New Year festivity brings weapons charges for North Carolina men

A celebration often brings noisy revelry and unorthodox methods of expressing excitement. For some in North Carolina, cheering and shouting is enough, and others may blare their car horns or use special noisemakers for the occasion. However, some partiers, especially on New Year's Eve, bring out more dangerous noisemakers, and this may lead to charges for weapons offenses.

North Carolina search warrant yields drugs, weapons

Search warrants often play a key role in criminal investigations. Those search warrants may be the culmination of many weeks or months of surveillance, or they may come from tips from observant neighbors. The judge who authorizes the search must rely on the affidavit of North Carolina law enforcement before concluding that there is probable cause to sign the warrant. This is where it becomes essential to ensure that the rights of the accused are carefully protected.

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