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November 2017 Archives

North Carolina man faces felony weapons charges

While it may not be clear what motivates people to make threats to others, often it is because they feel no one is listening. A desperate feeling may cause a person to make threats or demand attention to get the help they need. When this behavior involves a weapons offense, the situation can become tense very quickly. Workers in a North Carolina building may have experienced that tension recently.

North Carolina trio faces drug possession and other charges

Sometimes, a person can end up in trouble simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately, friends and associations may draw the attention of law enforcement, and those who are in the vicinity may find themselves facing criminal charges. Two North Carolina women may be regretting their recent visit to the home of a man who was the target of an ongoing police investigation.

North Carolina woman faces DUI and assault charges

The threat of arrest may cause people to do unexpected things. This may be because they already have convictions on their records or they simply fear what may happen next. The possibility of a drunk driving charge may be especially concerning for a North Carolina driver, and one woman may be facing an uncertain future following a recent arrest.

Are field sobriety tests accurate?

If you are ever pulled over for suspected drunk driving, you may be asked to perform a few tests in order for the officer to check for impairment. These are field sobriety tests and they are standard procedure in North Carolina and elsewhere. While that may be so, are they accurate?

North Carolina has zero tolerance for underage drinking

Alcohol has different attractions for different people. For many teens, however, there is often a sense of rebellion or the need to fit in with other teens who are drinking. As a person nears 21, the legal age to drink in North Carolina and other states, he or she may feel that 19 or 20 is close enough to get away with consuming alcohol. However, the state's zero tolerance laws may prove that to be a bad decision.

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