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Don't let cocaine charge crush your future

If authorities accuse you of committing a crime involving a drug such as cocaine, you naturally may worry about what this means for your future. For instance, losing your freedom as well as losing your good reputation may concern you.

Fortunately, even though you may face a drug charge in North Carolina, Lady Justice still views you as not guilty until and unless the government can prove your charge beyond a reasonable doubt. You have the right to defend yourself vigorously when facing a cocaine charge.

What is North Carolina law regarding a cocaine possession?

In North Carolina, possessing even a tiny quantity of cocaine is a felony crime (Class I). This means you can spend between half a year to a year behind jail bars if a conviction happens in your case. Your drug charges, however, may be much higher if you were in possession of a larger amount of cocaine.

What about selling cocaine?

The law in North Carolina is particularly strict with regard to the selling of cocaine. Selling cocaine is a Class G felony crime no matter how much or little you sell. However, if you sell cocaine in any of the three following situations, it is a Class E one -- which is a more severe felony:

  • Selling to someone 300 feet or less from school property
  • Selling to someone under 16 years old
  • Selling to someone who is pregnant

What if I stand accused of trafficking cocaine?

The trafficking of cocaine in the state may involve importing, manufacturing or transporting drugs. Below is a breakdown of the types of sentences associated with trafficking various amounts of cocaine and what types of felonies they are in North Carolina:

  • More than 400 grams of cocaine = Class D felony; 175 to 222 months in prison plus fine of $250,000.
  • From 200 to 400 grams of cocaine = Class F felony; 70 to 93 months in prison plus fine of $100,000.
  • From 28 to 200 grams of cocaine = Class G felony; 35 to 51 months in prison plus fine of $50,000.

If you are facing a cocaine charge, an attorney will look for weaknesses in the prosecution's argument and push for the most personally favorable outcome for you given your circumstances. The attorney will also strive to protect your rights during all stages of the criminal proceedings.

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