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Proposed law is game-changer for suspended licenses

A speeding ticket or other moving violation may seem like no big deal. You may even laugh about the number of citations you have gotten or brag about the times you just missed getting a ticket. If those tickets resulted in points on your license, you may be aware that, after a certain amount of time, the points disappear from your driving record.

On the other hand, those points can accumulate quickly, especially if you have a heavy foot. Before you know it, you may be facing the suspension of your driver's license. Currently, the only solution to a suspended license is to wait it out. However, a new law is making its way through the North Carolina legislature that may change that policy.

Mandatory driver retraining classes

The law would require you to attend driver retraining classes if the court suspends your license after you accumulate the maximum number of points for excessive speeding. Some of the details in the proposed law include the following:

  • You will attend at least 8 hours of approved driver instruction in a classroom setting, not online.
  • Your license will remain on suspension indefinitely until you successfully complete the course.
  • The course will cost you up to $175 in addition to other fines and fees the court mandates.

The course will supposedly help you evaluate your current driving behaviors and better understand why obeying driving laws such as speed limits benefits society. You may also examine the psychological reasons why some drivers defy traffic safety laws and how you may fit into this category of drivers.

The hope is that discussions of common traffic violations such as distracted driving, failing to yield the right-of-way, aggressive driving and risky passing will help you make better, safer choices behind the wheel.

The drawbacks of the new law

While many applaud the proposed law, some lawmakers are voting against it, saying it fails to help drivers like you get back on their feet after a suspension and may actually complicate their lives. For example, if your financial circumstances prevent you from affording the cost of the course plus the potentially hundreds of dollars in other fees associated with your traffic violation, your driver's license will remain on suspension until you can come up with the money.

Additionally, the retraining class is at least 8 hours, meaning you may have to miss a day of work to attend. This could potentially cost you even more money. The best way to avoid these complications is to fight the speeding ticket with the help of an attorney.

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Proposed law is game-changer for suspended licenses | Messer Law Firm