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October 2017 Archives

North Carolina couple arrested after neighbors complained

Without question, drug crimes are the scourge of many neighborhoods. Residents who suspect their neighbors are involved in manufacturing or selling drugs are often justified in their concern. However, those accused of committing these crimes have rights that deserve to be protected. A North Carolina couple recently found themselves in the crosshairs of multiple law enforcement agencies after police allegedly received tips from neighbors.

Man faces weapons offenses for having gun on campus

In the wake of the many shootings on school properties and other gathering places, it is natural for people to take precautionary measures if they suspect someone has a weapon. In fact, it is against the law in some states, including North Carolina, to carry a concealed weapon on a college campus. While the debate about gun control may never be settled, one man recently discovered that authorities take weapons laws seriously.

North Carolina couple charged with numerous crimes

Criminal charges can arise from many situations. In some cases, they may result from the alleged wrong-doing of a friend or acquaintance. One North Carolina woman is facing drug possession charges after her boyfriend, who was accused of numerous offenses, apparently drew police to her house.

How could drug convictions impact your student financial aid?

Drug-related charges could have negative impacts on individuals of any age. However, convictions for such allegations could have differing effects depending on the stage of life you may be experiencing. For instance, as a University of North Carolina at Asheville student, a drug conviction could potentially throw your education off course in a variety of ways.

MADD seeks harsher penalties for drunk driving charges

The opioid crisis has many in North Carolina seeking solutions to all manner of impairment issues. Additionally, some jurisdictions are looking for stricter ways to deal with those who operate motor vehicles while impaired. Drunk driving charges carry increasingly harsher penalties as lawmakers join the fight. Finding solutions to one special cause has one region calling for penalties that are even more severe.

North Carolina battles underage drinking

For several years, local TV viewers may have noticed a series of public service announcements aimed at youths. The goal of the ads was to reduce underage drinking by making teenagers aware of the potential dangers. Some described the commercials as morbid, using fear to alarm teens and jar them into avoiding alcohol until they turned 21. However, the director for the North Carolina Alcohol Board Control Commission's Initiative to Reduce Underage Drinking recently unveiled new commercials aimed at a different audience.

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