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Over Two Decades Of Experience Working In The Criminal Justice System

For more than 20 years, attorney Al Messer has worked in the criminal justice system as an attorney. This experience has taught him how both sides of the system work. In fact, he has previously worked as a prosecutor himself.

Clients located all throughout the Asheville, North Carolina, seek attorney Messer's representation in some of their most difficult criminal defense matters. Today, these matters often include charges related to marijuana, a drug that is undergoing a dramatic legal reassessment across the country.

A Thorough Understanding Of Marijuana Laws

Attorney Messer's seasoned legal judgment is what you need to fight back effectively against marijuana charges. He knows how to advise you intelligently even when the law is undecided in a certain area. As the laws and practices regarding marijuana continue to evolve around the country, attorney Messer understands how these changes may or may not affect you in your case, including whether any search and seizure issues are involved that may cause your case to be thrown out.

His experience also enables him to give you a comprehensive understanding of which legal options are available to you, even if your marijuana charges also involve distribution and trafficking charges or DWI charges. He also knows how to help you choose from those options intelligently. Whether he advises you to go to trial or to negotiate your charges, you can rest easier knowing that you are receiving guidance from an experienced attorney who knows how this system works.

Board-Certified Lawyer

Attorney Messer's knowledge has led to him being board certified in both state and federal criminal law. His experience in and out of the courtroom has seen him successfully defend clients across the complete range of criminal defense matters, from first-degree murder to drug charges to traffic violations.

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