Defending Drug Trafficking Charges For Western North Carolina Since 1999

Many individuals facing drug distribution and trafficking charges believe they are up against tough odds and often plead guilty.

If you are facing any type of drug charge, pleading guilty is never advised — regardless of what authorities tell you. Even if you feel the evidence the prosecutors may have is strong, you have rights. It's possible authorities failed to follow proper procedures or violated your constitutional rights — both of which could give way to a dismissal of your case.

You won't know until you reach out to an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Why Choose Messer Law Firm?

Al Messer has been handling all types of criminal drug defense cases for more than 20 years.

Former Prosecutor Defending You Today

As a former prosecutor himself, attorney Messer understands exactly how the prosecution will put together its distribution and trafficking case against you.

He knows where to look for weaknesses in the state's case, specifically examining whether police conducted themselves legally when they gathered evidence against you. Did they conduct an unreasonable search and seizure? Did they properly read you your Miranda rights? These and many other issues will be examined.

If Al finds any improper actions, he will immediately take action to safeguard your rights.

Board Certified In Criminal Law

Attorney Al Messer is also board certified in both state and federal law, a certification awarded to lawyers who have satisfied certain requirements in the field of criminal law, including recognition and confirmation by peers.

This breadth and depth of the criminal defense system has led to the successful defense of clients across the complete range of criminal defense matters, from murder to traffic violations to drug charges.

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Together with experience and recognition by the North Carolina State Bar, Al holds the expertise you need when seeking out the right attorney to defend you. Reach out to the firm to find out what we can do.

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