How To Get Your License Back

Understanding Drivers' License Suspension Periods For Those Facing DUI Charges In North Carolina

The state of North Carolina, like many states, is extremely strict when it comes to penalties for DUI offenses.

Along with fines and other types of penalties, such as ignition interlock devices requirements, North Carolina bars drivers convicted of DUI from driving for a certain period after their offense.

  • For first-time DUI offenses, drivers will lose their driver's license for one year
  • For second-DUI offenses (committed within a seven-year period of the first), drivers will lose their driver's license for four years
  • For third-DUI offenses, drivers will lose their driver's license permanently

In certain situations, drivers with a suspended or revoked license can request a hearing after a certain time to request a driver's license that allows them to operate a vehicle for limited purposes.

Getting A North Carolina Driver's License Back After The Suspension Period Ends

After the suspension period for a first or second DUI conviction has been satisfied, drivers in North Carolina can request a reinstatement of their drivers' license. However, paying certain fees at the North Carolina DMV is a condition to getting their license back.

Drivers who have been granted a reinstatement after having a revoked driver's license must reapply for a new driver's license. Depending on the circumstances, they could be required to must provide proof of identity and insurance, pass a new driver's education test, and pay restoration and service fees.

Additional Questions?

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