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Women charged with weapons offenses after hotel search

The laws protecting citizens from unlawful search and seizure are often carefully skirted by police. While their efforts to curb crime are commendable, the result may be the violation of civil rights and potentially an unlawful arrest. Two North Carolina women are now facing weapons offenses following a search of their hotel room, the validity of which a defense attorney may question in court.

Weapons offenses for North Carolina students carrying guns

Parent sending their children off to college this month are likely reminding their dear ones to be safe on and off campus. Some North Carolina parents may be taking the extra step of providing weapons for self-protection. However, some school administrations are warning students that they may be risking weapons offenses by bringing certain items on campus.

North Carolina officer dismissed after illegal search and seizure

Law enforcement agents are under careful scrutiny these days. While most police officers carry out their duties with the intent to protect and serve, others may have different agendas, bringing suspicion on all who wear a badge. A North Carolina police officer was recently fired following accusations that he performed an unlawful search and seizure.

Weapons offenses concern lawmakers considering new bill

Gun owners in North Carolina are not shy about defending their Second Amendment right to bear arms. A bill currently making its way through the state legislature may allow gun owners to bear those arms with even more liberty. Still, there are many who worry about the dangers the bill presents and the potential for an increase in weapons offenses, especially for those who are not familiar with carrying firearms.

North Carolina man faces robbery and weapons charges

Sometimes, one thing leads to another and the outcome is not always what is expected. One questionable action or decision gives way to another, and suddenly the individual ends up face to face with North Carolina law enforcement. The outcome of such an encounter generally depends upon the events, circumstances, perceived involvement of the individual in possible criminal activity and if there is a possible weapons offense.

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