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Why college students need to take underage consumption charges seriously

At this time of the year, there's no question that the pressure is on for college students. That's because we're rapidly approaching the end of the semester, meaning reading has to be completed and papers drafted. This is not to mention, of course, studying for final exams.

When it all comes to an end, however, students will be looking to blow off steam with many heading to area bars or campus parties, or others just unwinding with friends in the comfort of their dorms or apartments. While there's certainly nothing wrong with this, things can become problematic if alcohol enters the picture and the person doing the consuming is underage.

Could expungement change your life for the better?

Though getting arrested and having charges filed against you does not necessarily mean you will face a conviction, the charges themselves could still remain on your record. You may feel as if these charges have haunted you for years, as marks with any relation to criminal activity could affect various areas of your life. If you miss out on a job, place of residence or any other type of opportunity due to an arrest or conviction, you may wonder whether you could ever get out from under the indiscretion.

Depending on the specific circumstances of the arrest or conviction, you may have the opportunity to have the mark expunged from your record. Expungement involves clearing your record in a manner that no longer requires you to divulge the criminal incident when asked, and the information will no longer show up in records. However, several varying qualifications exist that you must meet in order to move forward with the process.

Impaired driver causes North Carolina interstate accident

Every day, workers leave their houses and travel to work. Along the way, many North Carolina residents stop to take care of errands and other business that needs to be tended to with the expectation that they will return home at the end of the work day. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Recently one individual who left his home died in an accident caused by an apparent drunk driver, and the apparent drunk driver found himself being detained rather than going home.

According to police reports, a man stopped in one of the lanes on Interstate 85. An 18-wheeler was coming up behind him and slammed on the brakes to avoid a crash. However, traveling behind the 18-wheeler was another man in a U.S. Post Office vehicle. This third vehicle slammed into the rear of the 18-wheeler and the driver died as a result.

What happens if charged with underage drinking and driving?

If you are under the age of 21 and caught drinking and driving, you could face a myriad of serious criminal and administrative penalties. North Carolina has strict laws regarding underage drinking, and you would be wise to take the appropriate steps to protect your future.

You may be underage, but the penalties you are facing have the potential to make a serious impact on your college opportunities, future job opportunities and more. While much is at stake, a conviction or guilty plea is not your only option. With experienced legal support, you may be able to effectively confront these charges and avoid detrimental repercussions.

What are the penalties for drunk driving in Ohio?

Whether it is the first time or a repeat offense, getting arrested for drunk driving in Ohio can have serious consequences. If you are 21 or older, you can be charged with operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI). Those who are underage face being charged with operating a vehicle after underage consumption (OVAUC). Both can result in criminal charges and loss of driving privileges. 

An OVI or OVAUC charge should be taken seriously. Even if it is your first offense, you could face serious penalties if you are convicted.

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