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A criminal record can hold you back in many ways. A former charge, arrest or conviction can prevent you from finding employment or getting into the school of your choice. It could prevent you from obtaining a firearm license or obtaining a federal student loan. Getting your record expunged allows you to effectively erase the mark from your record so you can truthfully answer "no" when asked if you have a criminal record. This is especially important for young people with criminal records, as their futures depend upon the outcome.

At Messer Law Firm in Asheville, North Carolina, we can help you understand if your record can be expunged and, if so, help you with all aspects of the expungement process. Defense lawyer Al Messer has helped many clients expunge their records, helping them remove a significant roadblock to building a successful future.

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Can Your Criminal Record Be Expunged?

Expungements are available in limited circumstances, including criminal cases in which the defendant was found not guilty or the charges were dismissed. Some misdemeanor convictions can be expunged, under certain circumstances, such as drug and alcohol offenses for people aged 21 and under.

Obtaining an expungement removes all information about the cases from official state records. The charge will not show up on background checks. Attorney Al Messer can review all of the circumstances in your situation to determine if you are eligible to have your record expunged.

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