Distribution And Trafficking Lawyer

When you face criminal charges for distribution and trafficking, do not simply plead guilty just to get things over with and move on. Too many people make that mistake. Even if you did not intend to sell any drugs, the quantity you had in your possession can lead to you being charged with distribution and trafficking.

You do not have to leave your fate in the hands of the prosecutor. Instead, turn to us here at Messer Law Firm for help. Our firm's lawyer, Al Messer, holds the experience you can use when protecting yourself against significant fines and time behind bars.

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As a former prosecutor himself, attorney Messer understands in detail how the state will put together its distribution and trafficking case against you. For that reason, he already knows where to look for weaknesses in the state's case. His experienced judgment can make the difference in your case.

He draws on this knowledge and his significant court experience gained over the course of more than 15 years. He examines the facts of each case to determine what evidence can best be challenged for constitutional reasons and whether the police conducted themselves legally in gathering evidence against you. This experience can be critical when constitutional issues of search and seizure come into play.

Attorney Messer has earned board certification in both state and federal law. This breadth and depth of the criminal defense system has led to the successful defense of clients across the complete range of criminal defense matters, from murder to traffic violations to drug charges.

Protecting Constitutional Rights. Fighting Back Against Illegal Police Practices.

Learn more about how our firm can help you fight back against criminal charges of distribution and trafficking. Call 828-398-0823 to schedule an initial confidential consultation with our office. You can also reach our firm's lawyer by way of email.